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Our story

Who we are

We are specialists in our fields, providing comprehensive legal services to our clients. They include entities of various industries and sizes - from large companies to sole proprietors.

This experience allows us to learn and understand the conditions of running a business and support it so that it can develop safely.

Working with us, we can promise you that:

For several years we have been optimizing our clients' businesses, solving their legal problems so that they can focus on what they know best - their business.

We are not afraid of non-standard and innovative solutions, developed in response to the changing needs of the market.

Working with us, we can promise you that:
• we look for solutions, not problems,
• we don't like the answer "it depends",
• we provide reliable information about the risks and possible solutions,
• we know what we do,
• complete confidentiality,

More than


years of experience in tax and legal advisory

Experienced lawyers


in various areas of specialization

About Us

What distinguishes us?

Broad vision and deep understanding of business

Many years of experience and a proven team of people, specialists in their field, allow us to advise businesses that differ not only in profile, but also in the scale of their business.

By supporting our clients, we show them the best solutions, inform about real risks and threats, and solve problems.

The team

From the very beginning, we focus on specialization in order to be able to best help a given area. Working as part of the law firm's team, we are able to provide comprehensive support to our clients at the highest level.

Reasonable remuneration

Our rates are set individually, depending on the complexity of the case and the client's financial capabilities. We want to be transparent and thus build mutual trust, which is why we try to define our remuneration in advance, so that the client has the feeling that he knows on what terms the cooperation will take place. Every day we use a number of IT tools that make our work easier and accelerate it significantly, which translates directly into the rationalization of the costs of our work for the benefit of our clients.

Complex Client service

We provide our partners with broadly understood advice in various areas of law, implement business restructuring and tax optimization, write contracts for them and give opinions on those already concluded, inform about legislative changes, participate in business negotiations, supervise their projects from the legal side, conduct training and we represent them in court. We are convinced that it gives them a lot of value, because they can be comprehensively served in one place, and they focus on the business themselves. They leave legal and tax issues to us.

Online law firm

We provide our services via an IT communication platform, we are available to our clients on-line. 

We practice videoconferences on a daily basis. Regardless of the distance, we are constantly at the disposal of our clients.

ouw lawyer


We work to ensure that our clients get the best response to their business law issues regardless of the size of the company. Everyone has a right to receive excellent services.

Tomasz Konczewski

Legal advisor, partner

Sylwia Kamińska

Adwokat partner

Our law office

We provide comprehensive solutions legal issues in many areas

Our goal is to create a law firm that focuses on providing practical and business solutions in a confusing legal and tax system.

We pursue this goal every day, supporting our clients in the development and development of their companies.

We want legal services to give them value and allow them to develop.