Kancelaria Tributum

Tax advisory

How can we help you?

Ongoing tax advisory

We support in current tax and legal issues.

Tax audits

We represent clients in tax proceedings and tax audits.

Implementation of a tax relief for research and development (R&D)

We implement tax reliefs and solutions that allow you to pay lower taxes.

VAT Due Diligence Procedures

Procedures for companies at risk of being caught up in the so-called tax carousels, aimed at demonstrating due diligence in the control of contractors before tax authorities - which allows to avoid questioning VAT settlements.

VAT and income taxes for the real estate companies

We work with developers, pinchers and companies dealing in the sale of plots in the field of taxes, including VAT and income taxes.

Applications for individual tax interpretation

We prepare applications for clients to issue individual interpretations of tax law provisions or applications for binding rate information - so that the tax office cannot constantly change its opinion on your case.

VAT in local government units

We support local government units in matters related to VAT.

Tax audit

Check your tax returns with us before the tax office does.

Undisclosed income

We represent clients in proceedings related to undisclosed income and help to prove the legality of the origin of the property.

IP Box

IP Box implementation for programmers, IT companies and production companies based on intellectual property.

Tax optimization of remuneration for work

We make it possible for you to pay less taxes for your employees - for the benefit of your business and them.

MDR reporting

We implement MDR procedures and support clients in the analysis and obligations related to reporting tax schemes and their reporting.

Tax policy implementation

We prepare tax policies for clients - required by law.


We support taxpayers in settling tax on cryptocurrencies.

Taxes in internet business and e-commerce

We support clients in the tax arrangement of online businesses, including e-commerce.

Sale of plots of land and VAT

The sale of plots of land in an area of ​​frequent disputes with tax authorities regarding VAT. We support the area of ​​transaction planning and the fight against tax authorities that want to impose 23% VAT on the transaction.

We work for clients from all over Poland!