Tax advisory

Ongoing tax advisory

Taxes should be planned, otherwise you may be surprised!

The PIT Act is currently 370 pages long, the CIT Act is slightly less, and the VAT Act is 339 pages.

Tax regulations are like a puzzle. You need to know what to adjust to to achieve the desired effect.

In taxes, it is not the most important tax rate, but the ability to select and implement other tax solutions that allow you to reduce the effective tax rate. Is it possible to generate PLN 1 million a year from business and not pay even a zloty of income tax? Yes! Can it be done legally and completed in line with tax regulations? Yes!

Can you do it yourself? Yes! After getting acquainted with tax regulations, jurisprudence and positions of tax authorities.

Or you can save time and money and contact us. We deal with it every day

Ongoing tax advisory

What do we most often help with?

  • We will help you legally reduce the amount of taxes paid,
  • We will determine what is the optimal tax form of running a business for you,
  • We arrange the "tax puzzle" in your company so that you can benefit from various types of tax relief for business, IP Box,
  • We will help you give your employees a raise, at the expense of the tax authorities - in a manner consistent with the law,
  • We will set up companies for you and arrange optimal taxes in them,
  • We will help you optimize the amount of VAT,

If you are looking for tax and legal knowledge combined with a business approach and supported by years of experience, then you are in the right place.

Remember that the lack of this knowledge can cost you a lot.